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Dear Customer: 

Almex appreciates the preference and trust that every shipment represents; we know how far you want to go and we are ready to partner with you to ensure the success of all your shipments. We are committed to offering quality service, effective solutions and recommendations to ensure the safe and efficient hauling of your freight. 

Because we know that good packaging is the beginning of all successful shipments, it is important to provide you with details of packaging requirements to ensure that your freight is secure and stable during the entire transfer process, from the point of origin to the destination. Your freight must be packed properly according to its physical characteristics, to ensure that it is loaded, unloaded, stowed and transported safely. 

The merchandise preparing and packaging manual provides precise information to ensure that your freight suffers no inadvertent damage during transit. 

If you have any questions about the information provided, please contact your Sales Executive or call 01-800-112-5639 (Mexico) toll free to receive specialized help and support. 

To comply with the security measures required for your shipment, please consult the freight Packaging Manual for details of preparing and packing. 


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