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1- Fill out the claim form and compile the documentation required for the process. 

2- Upload the complete documentation to the Almex Claims Portal and, in the case of claims for freight damage, deliver any damaged goods as salvage to the corresponding Almex branch. When you upload your claim, the system will generate a related folio.

3- Your documentation will be checked to ensure that it is complete and correct. Once the documentation has been evaluated, the insurer will generate an Agreement, an Adjustment Certificate and a Settlement. This paperwork must be signed by your company’s legal representative  and uploaded to the Almex Claims System, so that it can be verified and a transfer scheduled by the Insurer.

4- Information on the status of a claim can be accessed from the emails that the system sends after the claim is uploaded.


1. The incident must have been registered as a delivery with damaged and (or) missing freight in the acknowledgment of receipt at the time of delivery.

2. The complete paperwork for the incident must be uploaded to the Almex Claims Portal within a period of 40 days after it occurred.

3. Any transportation service subject to claim must have been paid in full.

4. Salvaged damaged freight must be delivered to the corresponding Almex branch prior to making the claim.  

5. The entire process, from the filing of the claim to the payment thereof, should be completed by 70 days after the occurrence of the event corresponding to the claim. 



For freight damage claims, if the freight is on the list of items covered solely for theft it will not be covered. Customers need to check this. 


Merchandise with poor packaging or lacking packaging 

Items that are on our prohibited items list, despite the Insurer having programmed a transfer.

You can access information on the status of your claim from the emails that the system will send you. 

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